This is super-cool! I never owned one of these classics, but I want to print them all out and display them in my office! Papercraft Models — Rocky Bergen

TIL I should obfuscate my send-to-kindle email address! KindleDrip — From Your Kindle’s Email Address to Using Your Credit Card - by Yogev Bar-On - Realmode Labs - Jan, 2021 - Medium

Not as bad for the home / hobbyist user as it seems at first, based on comments… Announcing pfSense plus: PFSENSE

This is a bummer…

Apple scrapped plans to fully secure iCloud backups after FBI intervention

Testing cross-posting via Medium …

I found a kindred spirit - someone else who interacts with their apple watch using their nose! Using Apple Watch Faces to Simplify Your Day – The Sweet Setup

Fortunately, I can easily switch watch faces using my nose

Great news! no longer has a 1000-block limit on free accounts! (

Based on ConvertKit vs. Mailchimp: Which is Better for 2020 - The Blueprint, I’ve decided to keep (but dust off) my mailing lists on MailChimp 🐵

Good news, everybody: Thomas Kurian: Google will donate Istio to a foundation - Protocol

Whoa. I need to up my remote-work-in-the-car game! Remote working from your vehicle - Mark Christian James

Looks like I dodged a bullet when I didn’t buy the new Magic Keyboard for my ipad…

Giving Things on the Apple Watch another try, after this big update: New Things for Apple Watch - Things Blog - Cultured Code

A neat way to produce good-looking PDFs of your ebook : Writing a Book with Pandoc, Make, and Vim — Vladimir Keleshev (I might use this if I weren’t already publishing Funky Penguin’s Geek Cookbook on LeanPub

Things That Turbo Pascal is Smaller Than - Wow. My high-school computer-science lessons used Turbo Pascal. The good ol’ days…

Great news: GitHub goes free for teams, reduces premium pricing - TechRepublic. I had a few GitLab repositories hanging around, which I setup before GitHub permitted personal private repositories. I’ve since moved the active ones to GitHub - it’s so much easier to collaborate!

Test - hello blog :)